Videos that tell your story

Videos that are easy to make & simple to share. With hundreds of shot-by-shot templates for every story in your life.

About NanoFlick

Videos are awesome to watch, fun to share, but misery to make. That's why we created NanoFlick.

NanoFlick video camera

Scalable video-making
without all the production

It's the first zero-editing video maker.

Simple Enough to Make

Video editing is hard, especially when you shoot too much, too little, or the wrong stuff. NanoFlick keeps you on track. Shoot the shots in the outline and you're done.

Easy Enough to Share

Promote your videos & collections from the NanoFlick app, with full-frame sharing on all social platforms that matter.

Short Enough to Enjoy

No one likes your long movies. Even your mom. NanoFlick provides guidance and guardrails to keep your flicks moving, touching, fun with a satisfying story structure.


You can make videos & collections for anything: birthday parties, startup pitches, pranks, reviews, tutorials, even private video journals of who's in, who's out and who's on your last nerve.

Huge Library/

Story templates for business, family, friends & just you

Shot Guides/

Instructions and time limits keep you on track


Shoot once; share landscape on YouTube and portrait on TikTok

NanoFlick video shot list


Choose from our library or import from your phone


Filters, transitions, sounds effects, text overlays


Free to make and share

A Story Library As Wide As Your Imagination

Pick from hundreds of story templates. Creators like you add new stories each week: family, careers, memes, romance, startups, pranks, reporting, reviews, products, fashion, investments, journalling, tutorials, cooking, pets, business, and more and more and more and more...

NanoFlick video story template list


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