The Stories of Your Life.

Videos that are easy to make, simple to share, and short enough to enjoy.

About NanoFlick

Videos are awesome to watch, fun to share but misery to make. That's why we created NanoFlick.

Everyday video-making
without all the production

It's the first zero-editing video maker. You're welcome!

Simple Enough to Make

Video editing is hard, especially when you shoot too much, too little, or the wrong stuff. Which everyone does. NanoFlick keeps you on track. Shoot the shots in the outline and you're done.

Easy Enough to Share

Because it's so simple to make NanoFlicks, you'll want to share those little masterpieces. And you can, any way you want.

Short Enough to Enjoy

No one likes your long movies. Even your mom. NanoFlick provides guidance and guardrails to keep your flick moving, touching, fun.


You can quickly make NanoFlicks for everything: birthday parties, pranks, company announcements, reviews, training, even private video diaries of who's in, who's out and who's on your last nerve.

Story Templates/

Pick any story and you'll get a list of shots needed for your flick

Shot Guides/

Each shot has a suggested time limit and instructions on shooting

Simple Sharing/

Available for all the major platforms


Pick songs from your phone for any shot or the whole movie


If you can't help tweaking, have at it: titles, transitions, trimming


Did we mention it's simple? Oh...well did we mention it's free?

Don't be one of those nerds shooting gobs of video. You're better than that. Take a six-second shot, then put that phone away and enjoy the moment. Do it a few more times and you've got a video story to save & share.

A Story for Every Part of You

To make your NanoFlick, pick from our hundreds of story templates. Users like you add new stories each week to match the moments and memories of their everyday lives.

Make Your Own Story Templates

After you've made a few NanoFlicks, try making your own story templates. You can start from scratch or customize any of the existing stories with your creative genius.

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Let us know your ideas and what kind of flicks you fancy.

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